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Does This Story Sound Familiar To You?

You fit most of the criteria of the profile of the job advertisement so you decide to apply for it. You check your resume 3 times before submitting it. You even showed it to some of your friends and asked if they think it looks alright. And you uploaded your cover letter. Then you waited, one week, two weeks, three… Then finally, just when you had almost given up hope about your application, you got a new email..! You opened it frantically – only to find that same, dreaded reply came again “Unfortunately, we regret you were not selected… We will keep your contact details on file should a suitable position come up…” …but you never actually hear from them again?!

We understand your situation & we’re here to help! Follow this 3 step process to turn your situation around!

Step 1: Understanding The Employment Market Conditions 

Are you aware that the employment market in Australia is becoming more & more difficult?.. Getting a job in Australia is incredibly difficult at the moment due to the challenging economic conditions and the increased competition from the increase of skilled migrants coming to Australia, so the jobs available receive more applications / competition than ever before making it harder & harder to get one

Step 2: Understanding What You Need

The issue behind failed job applications is simple: 

  • If you want to get a job, you need to get the interview
  • If you want to get the interview, you need a resume made to beat the market competition!

In other words, the difference between whether you get the interview or not is 100% dependent on the contents & presentation your resume – So if you are applying for jobs but you’re not getting interviews, this means that your resume is inadequately translated into the professional message it needs to be to attract the eyes of HR departments by leveraging professional, local market expertise.

And you’re not alone. Tens of Thousands of people are in the same position as you right now, searching for a job. The competition is really that intense! This is why it is more important than ever for you get a professional to help you make your applications stand-out above the rest if you are serious about succeeding in your job applications!

Step 3: Time For You To Succeed!

Send us your resume and we will check it for you, free! 

AIPP understands many job applicants out there are failing to get the job they want, so for a limited time only, AIPP is offering you a special Free Resume Health Check service so you can send us your resume and we will give you some helpful feedback as fast as possible!

  1. Send us your current resume to
  2. We will then contact you and work with you to polish your resume and help you succeed!
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Testimonials & Customer Feedback

As per all the positive feedback, recommendations, and success stories from our past customers, our service really makes a difference in helping to land your first job – guaranteed!

“It took me a while to admit it to myself but my resume just wasn’t getting me interview invitations. After wasting a lot of time and being stressed not getting a job, a recruitment agent recommended I talk with AIPP to refine my CV and get a competitive edge. Again, I was a little stubborn to do that because I thought my resume was already professional – but then I realised something that made every other thought stop; if my resume was good, it would be getting me interviews but it wasn’t! So I used AIPP’s free resume check service and then received a call from one of AIPP’s consultants for my industry (accounting) and was told many things they could do to help boost my resume. One thing that surprised me was that they really seemed to care that I was failing to get the jobs I wanted and I felt they really wanted to help me. Also, the consultant asked so many questions about all kinds of things I never knew were important for me in applying for jobs so I really learnt a lot. Ultimately I ended up joining their resume polishing service and also got some interview practice and now I am working full time at one of the companies my resume was previously rejected from! I thought that was so funny and really showed me that AIPP is professional and can help people get interviews and get the job they want!”

“I was recommended to use AIPP because I was told they have a unique ability to understand your strengths and skill base and translate it into a language which attracts the eyes of HR departments across all sectors. I followed this advice and used AIPP’s service and have had very strong results.”

“When you join AIPP, you are investing in your future. AIPP pointed me in the right direction by developing a world class CV for me to send to potential employers”

“The resume and cover letter that was provided to me gave me the confidence to apply for positions that I may not have previously applied for. Thank you for all of your help and advice.”

“I got the job! AIPP provided me insights on the role and gave me lots of useful and relevant advice, which really helped me in the interview! I would recommend AIPP to anyone who is seeking for a job at the moment.”

“I was extremely happy with the service and consultation that I received from AIPP. The improvements and additions to both my resume and LinkedIn profile have been received incredibly well, resulting in higher profile ‘views’ and better job targeting. Highly recommend AIPP.”

“AIPP has the best consultants I have ever met. Thanks for all AIPP’s hard work. AIPP totally transformed my CV & my interview skills to meet professional standard. I secured two interviews within a few days!”

“If I change jobs in the future, I will definitely use AIPP again. AIPP thank you for your great help!”

“Wonderful resume format design, professional resume consultant team! I love my new resume.”


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