Video Resume Generation Service


Who this service is for

If you feel like you can do a job but you’re just not being given the chance to be interviewed, there is a chance the jobs you're applying for are very competitive - so you need a way to stand out. Even with a "perfect” written resume, it can be hard to get the attention you deserve – often because there are simply so many competing candidates that its hard to stand out.

Why A Video Resume?

  • Imagine the situation that after advertising a popular role a Hiring Manager has 1,000 written resumes to read through, and one video resume... If you were the hiring manager, wouldn't you be curious?
  • Video content is already more popular than TV and is becoming a common tool for research and decision making
  • A video resume supplements your written resume and can exempts you from screening interviews as it gives you a chance to show what your character is like, which is the primary reason companies hold multiple interviews – potentially you may be invited straight to a final interview
  • You may have heard the expression “a picture says a thousand words”. But welcome to the new millennium – a video says a thousand pictures, positioning you to share far deeper communication within 60 seconds
Service Delivery Process