Video Resume Generation Service

Do you feel like you can do a job but you’re just not being given the chance to be interviewed?

Even with a ‘perfect” text resume it can be hard to get the attention you deserve – primarily because there are simply so many competing candidates that its hard to stand out. Imagine the situation that after advertising a popular role a Hiring Manager has 1,000 text resumes to read through, and one video resume. Your video resume. Do you think your resume would stand out?

Why A Video Resume?

  • Because it is still a new practice, each video resume stands out over traditional text resumes, which gets the attention of hiring managers
  • It supplements your written resume and can exempts you from screening interviews as it gives you a chance to show what your character is like, which is the primary reason companies hold multiple interviews – potentially you may be invited straight to a final interview
  • You may have heard the expression “a picture says a thousand words”. But welcome to the new millennium – a video says a thousand pictures, positioning you to share far deeper communication within 60 seconds
  •, video content is already more popular than TV and is becoming a common tool for research and decision making

What Makes A Good Video Resume?  

  • Be prepared! – Dress properly as if you’re going to an actual interview, find a good and quiet spot to record your video, consider the lighting and outline your topics.  And, most of all practice!
  • Put a face on your application – Talk about things that employer cannot find on your resume alone. Focus on your career accomplishments, what you like in a position/company, strengths,  weaknesses and who are you outside work.
  • Keep it short – People are busy. Get to the point quickly while keeping it engaging. Stick to 60 to 90 seconds.
  • Slow down and Smile! – Most of us have a tendency to speed up when we’re nervous or uncomfortable. Breathe, relax and be yourself.

Service Delivery Process

There are a few stages to the completion of this Service as outlined below:

  1. You register via the registration form
  2. We will email you an invitation to book your Video Resume Recording Session with our Success Mentors
  3. You provide us a copy of your current written resume so our Success Mentor can prepare for your Video Resume Recording Session
  4. You join your Video Resume Recording Session (online via an invitation we will send you). In this session you must wear business attire as you will be video recorded in this session
  5. Our Success Mentors will help you craft your answers during the session to highlight your qualities employers look for
  6. Once your Video Resume Recording Session is completed, we will edit the recorded content to create your Video Resume
  7. We will then send you your Video Resume within 5 working days (regular), or 2 working days (express)

Service Fees & Registration Process

To register, simply complete the form below