Verified Reference Certification Service

Make no mistake – getting employed is a competition!

Consider for a moment that all of your peers from your classes that you graduated from are your competitors, and so are all the students that completed the same program as you at other institutions, and that sourcing candidates is a time consuming and expensive process for employers. So why not make their work easier for them – and give your candidacy an advantage at the same time?

Did you know?

Employers face a major hurdle in hiring employees when they require verification of candidates’ credentials:

  • 58% of employers have found fraudulent details on the resumes of individuals (Source: CareerBuilder)
  • 86% of employers have policies that require the verification of references (Source: HireRight)

How Our Reference Verification Service Works

As you may be aware, AIPP is a trusted Australian company working with thousands of employers in the provision of candidates for Work Integrated Learning (WIL) programs on behalf of universities and colleges all over Australia. Through this engagement, AIPP has an established brand awareness as an industry leader in the student/graduate sector.

Through this reference verification service, we assist employers in completing their due diligence by increasing transparency and address fraud in employee credentials by:

  1. Contacting the references you provide, and ask them all the standard questions employers ask
  2. Collating the information we collect into a report
  3. Provide you a copy of the report along with a Certificate which you then include with your resume when you apply from jobs

This way, when an employer receives your job application (including your resume + Reference Verification Certificate), rather than the employer needing to verify your references, your resume can get added straight to the short-list, and you can get invited to an interview.

Timeframes & Service Fees

This Service is provided for $79 and is typically completed within 2 weeks subject to the response rate of the references you provide.

To get started, simply register via the form below: