Reference Verification Certification


Did you know?

Employers face a major hurdle in screening candidates for employment. It's genuinely hard work. On top of that, there is a lot of fraud employers need to spend their precious time dealing with:

  • 58% of employers have found fraudulent details on the resumes of individuals (Source: CareerBuilder)
  • 86% of employers have policies that require the verification of references (Source: HireRight)

How does this impact you?

Make no mistake – getting employed is a competition, and there is a lot of competition! Consider for a moment:

  • All of your peers from your classes and all the students that completed similar program as you from other institutions are all your competitors.
  • Also, screening candidates is a time consuming and expensive process for employers.

Making use of our Reference Verification Service can give your candidacy a competitive advantage, and make your employment application easier for employers process - giving your application a stronger chance for acceptance.

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