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Does This Story Sound Familiar To You?

You feel that you fit most of the criteria of the profile in the advertisement. You checked your resume 3 times before submitting it. You even showed it to some of your friends and asked if they think it looks good. You spent a good amount of time filling in all the forms and questions the company asked. And you uploaded a cover letter. Then you waited, one week, two weeks, three… Then finally, just when you had almost given up hope about your application, you got a new email..! You opened it excitedly – only to find that same, dreaded reply “Unfortunately, we regret you were not selected…. we will keep your contact details on file should a suitable position come up…” …but you never actually hear from them again?

The Tried & Tested Method

The age old approach simply works: The resume gets the interview, the interview lands the job. However, what do you do if you have no idea what to put on your resume? And what if you do have an idea… but your idea is all wrong? Furthermore, what do you do if you don’t know what your selling points are? Or how to tailor your merits to the interest of your target market?

Our Professional Resume Polishing Service is uniquely designed for students/graduates taking into account the fact that they may be low in self confidence and unsure what to include or exclude in their resume, as well as what their qualities might be – and how best to showcase their qualities / what their target market is looking for as outlined in our 4 step process below.

Polishing Service Process
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