Internship Program with Visa Sponsorship (Temporary Activity / Special Program Visa 408)


Who is this program for?

This program (the AIPP Professional Internship Program) is a highly specialised program specifically designed for students/graduates from outside of Australia wishing to take part in exchange culture, knowledge and social experiences, etc., through an internship / work experience placement in Australia for 3 months or less.

Key Benefits:

  1. You will receive a Temporary Activity Visa (408) to partake in this program (saving you from having to consume your Working Holiday Visa, etc).
  2. Gain professional work experience you need in your field/industry/sector of choice that Australian employers expect/require you to have before they will consider you as serious candidate for job opportunities
  3. Exposure to professional contacts within your preferred field/industry/sector of choice for future career opportunities
  4. Boost your employability through the development/refinement/recognition of your practical skills
  5. Development of your confidence, interview skills, communication skills, cross-cultural skills, resume skills, & more
  6. An AIPP Certificate of Completion, and a letter of recommendation from your AIPP Host Company (subject to the discretion of the host company)
Visas & Sponsorship
Visa fees

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