Services & Programs for Students / Graduates

Internship Programs

Have you tried applying for jobs and been told that you need more relevant, local work experience? You’re not alone! Many students/graduates are unemployed for the same reason and our internship placement program are the solution you have been looking for!

One-to-One Interview Training

When you do get that all important interview invitation, you only get one shot to pass it – so you must do everything you can to make it count! Get the right pre-interview research advice, practice, feedback, increase in confidence, and more through our proven interview training sessions!

Professional Resume Polishing

Is your resume not getting you the attention you deserve? If not, chances are you need some help to improve your resume. Let us help you identify your qualities and showcase them in a way that will catch the attention of hiring managers through our resume polishing service!

Video Resume Service

Can you think of anything more boring than having to read 1,000 resumes for a job role you’re trying to fill? Why not make yourself stand out by providing employers both a standard resume, and a video resume, by using our video resume development service?

Reference Verification Certification

Want to make your application stronger than your competition? Easy! AIPP’s Reference Verification Certification is becoming a widely recognised certificate by time poor employers / HR departments that want simple verification that your past work history is real.