Enhance Skills & Extend Employees’ Visas With the 407 Training Visa!


Do you / does your worker have a visa that will expire, or limits work hours?

While you've probably heard of the expensive, extensive work experience requiring, Temporary Skill Shortage Visa (482), not so many people have heard of the Training Visa (407) - which many students / graduates / working holiday visa holders, etc., may easily qualify for and we'd like to assist you to organise.

Whats good about the training visa (407)?

Like everything visa related, it depends on the circumstances. But here are some general points:



Enhance your skills

Work toward the next occupational title in your career plan through on-the-job training, with sponsorship under the Training Visa

Internship in Australia

Save tens of thousands

Save your company tens of thousands in operating costs (approx $15,000 per staff member pa) with the Training Visa (407)

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Much like a work visa

You'll be entitlement to full-time, paid employment with no schooling / class attendance required at any stage

Automated online enrolment form solutions

Control staff turnover

Tired of having a high staff turnover? Extend your existing workers' tenure (who hold e.g., student visas, graduate visas, working holiday visas, etc.)

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Open future doors

Potentially qualify for subsequent visas which may lead to further employment and Permanent Residency


Boost business planning

Position your business to run smoothly by having clear, set timeframes your employees will serve your company

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extend temporary visas with training visa 407

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