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The Australian Institute of Professional Pathways (AIPP) is a team of uniquely trained HR and business professionals put together since 2007 to help Australian host companies as well as local & international graduates to meet the intern staffing needs and work experience requirements of Australian in such a way that increases staff productivity in a targeted, cost-efficient and effective manner. Similarly, we have been helping hundreds of students and graduates secure career outcomes that were previously unattainable through their own efforts. Our internship programs offer aspiring graduates a rare opportunity to facilitate their transition from study to a successful career. Based on the feedback we have receive from our students & partners, we’re confident that we provide the best professional internship program in the market because we make sure that our students always get the best out of our host companies, for which we have countless success stories and testimonials to prove our claim from both Host Company Partners, and our Students.

We are proudly Australia’s Intern provider of choice & booster of student employability™. We work with government agencies, universities, colleges, and individuals from all over the world to organise thousands of professional internship programs in reputable companies in all industries all over Australia.

As per our internship product pages, vacancy explorer, and approval letter from the Australian Government Department of Homeland Affairs for our active registration to provide sponsorship for visa classes Temporary Work visa (403), Training visa (407), Temporary Activity visa (408), there is a very broad range of Work Integrated Learning, Work Experience, Internship Placement, Vocational Training, etc., programs we provide both domestically and internationally.

Our programs and services are specifically designed to help students / graduates increase their chance to receive offers of employment and transition successfully into entering their industry of choice.

We are here to help you meet the needs of your students through our professional internship programs. Our aspiration with you as our education partner is that we have a long-term, mutually beneficial relationship with you, providing many of your customers happy and successful internship placements, and we will do all that we can to ensure yours and your customers’ satisfaction with our services.

AIPP guarantees every customer / Intern placement within 60 days upon receiving the intern’s resume in AIPP’s resume template format; and we are proud to report that our placement time frame is typically 2 weeks across all industries, as we have internship opportunities available with a broad variety of host companies all across Australia.


At AIPP, we keep things simple, for simplicity demands a concentrated focus. We pride ourselves on the professional organising and placement of internships for our students / graduates in internship positions that can genuinely help them accelerate their career, and often result in offers of employment from our quality host company partners.


We have full confidence in our ability to train you and organise a successful, professional internship placement for you that AIPP provides a 100% money back guarantee to organise your placement within 60 days from the date AIPP receives the customer’s complete resume in AIPP’s resume template (please note the average placement time requirement is 2 weeks).

AIPP organises upto 3 interviews for the candidate’s internship placement in the event of the customer failing the previous interview.

We are proud to say that in the history of our company, no one has ever failed all three interviews, which we like to consider as a testament to the quality of our no cost services we will provide our customers.


AIPP works with small and medium-sized businesses (organisations with fewer than 70 employees) because small businesses provide the best platform for students to get a broad range of exposure to various parts of a business very quickly. Doing an internship at a small business is for a student almost like doing a mini MBA, making their profile more competitive, helping them succeed in their future job applications.

Currently we only accept internship opportunities that:

● Are offered in a safe office environment in a geographic location fitting to the customer’s stipulated preference;

● Are in a firm that has a minimum of 5 full-time staff members;

● Will in some way help the Intern develop their professional work skills.


Are you aware that 76% of student’s first jobs are sourced by means other than online ads, such as through internship placements?

We have a lot of experience with a broad range of host companies, so we know what to look for when a candidate hopes to gain employment through their internship program, and we are able to provide genuine advice and guidance on the best ways this can be achieved through our programs.

Separately, we also have experience in providing opportunities to candidates who are not aspiring to work in Australia for the long term, but are simply looking to gain a once in a lifetime experience as part of their adventure to visit Australia for the short term, who are looking for an internship opportunity they can add to their resume for the future career.

Service Fees, Timing, & Integration Options

Affordable Service Fees

Typically our service fees for onshore programs (that do not require visa sponsorship) range from $1,100 to $1,798 subject to the needs of your institution.

Integration Options

We understand that every Educational Institution is unique, so we facilitate a flexible range of integration options in an effort to fit the needs of your institution best.

The Best Time To Help Your Students

As a general rule of thumb, students start seeking employment soon after commencing their study program. Therefore, the ideal time for employment support services to be offered is as part of your institution’s orientation. In fact, it is arguable that some students may have trouble concentrating on their study program until they have some form of income secured. Therefore, the sooner an institution can help their students overcome this mental block, the sooner the students can start focusing their attention on their studies – which incidentally can contribute toward higher grades, attendance rates, retention, and more.

To learn more or get started, simply contact our Marketing Department today

  Skype: AIPPtraining11
  02 8011 4520 / 1300 604 408
   Mon – Fri   9:00 am – 5:00 pm (Sydney Hours)

Pro Tip!

This Service is nicely complemented by our Professional Resume Polishing Service!


What people are saying about their experience with AIPP

We’re received a lot of great feedback from our students over the years and are putting together our own “Wall of Fame” below to share with the world the source of our inspiration – helping interns get past their obstacles and develop your employability skills to give you a real chance to succeed in getting the career of your dreams – and helping our host company partners find well matched interns!


Below are just some of the industries we are involved in.

● Accounting

● Architecture

● Banking

● Biological research

● Business Administration

● Charities & non-profit

● Hospitality

● Human resources

● Information Technology

● Insurance

● Interior design

● Logistics

● Customer service

● Energy

● Engineering

● Environmental science

● Event management

● Finance

● Graphic design

● Manufacturing

● Market research

● Marketing

● Pharmaceutical

● Public relations

● Sales

● Telecommunications

Process Flow

At AIPP, we aim to make our process flow as simple yet as effective as possible and over time our process has been refined to be highly successful and efficient to organise your internship program successfully. For more information and to see visually how the process works, please see our Program Process page.


AIPP’s professional pre-internship training includes and is not limited to:

You will receive personalised, one to one training and support from AIPP to polish your resume professionally such that it has a real chance to get the right kind of attention of hiring managers – and contain the actual work experience / training you need to land a professional internship position with our  host company partner.

● Receipt of AIPP’s professional resume template / instruction guide for the Student to complete and provide to AIPP.

● AIPP’s individualised resume polishing service.

● AIPP Training guides on:

– Modern interview question examples and successful answering techniques;

– How to research a company professionally before your interview;

– How to dress / what to bring to your interview;

– What to do in the moment you arrive for your interview;

– What you must write in your thank you email to your interviewer

● Worksheets on key training materials.

One-to-one online interview sessions to give you the practice, experience, training, and confidence you need to excel in your interview to join our host company – a valuable experience not only for the purpose of your successful placement in the AIPP Financial Planning Training & Internship Program, but also valuable experience for any future job or promotion interview you may attend.

Up to 5 x 45 minute one-to-one online interview practice sessions with AIPP’s professional interview trainers. .



The department of immigration recognises internship placements as work, not study, unless the customer’s internship is formally part of their studies, in which case the internship may be considered a ‘vocational placement’, which in some cases allows a customer on a student visa to do an internship placement full-time. If this is not the case, student visa holders will typically be subjugated to a maximum of 20 hours per week.

Other visa holders such as graduate, working holiday, TR, PR, etc., with full work rights will be able to intern full-time if they and the host company agree to do so.


Unless otherwise specified, candidates are required to have a minimum of IELTS 5 or TOEIC 500 to be eligible to enter any of AIPP’s programs. Generally speaking, our host companies are most appreciative of individuals with higher speaking and listening skills more so than reading or writing, so if an individual has a strong speaking / listening skill and a poor reading / writing skill, they may still be eligible to enter one of AIPP’s programs.


Although it is always appreciated and will assist in advancing your career faster, customers are not required to have any work experience prior to entering any of AIPP’s programs.


In addition to the standard appreciation for individuals with a good attitude, strong work ethic, passion to develop themselves, etc., in some cases, our host company partners request for the intern to provide a police check as well as a responsible to work with alcohol or children below the age of 18 check, which means that generally speaking only candidates with upstanding backgrounds are eligible to enter AIPP programs.




When possible, AIPP is happy to organise in-house presentation days (at your venue) where an AIPP staff member will hold a short presentation to your audience of potential customers on employment trends / strategies, etc., as well as share some stories and updates on what internship opportunities AIPP currently has available as a way for your customers to have the chance to hear from and talk to an AIPP staff member directly.


Many of the education entities that AIPP currently works with decide to promote internship programs bundled as part of their product offering with their other programs, and outsource the internship placement component to AIPP for their interested customers.

In this regard, there are two promotional opportunities:

● Provide our program under AIPP’s branding at our retail rate.

● Provide our program / services under your educational institution’s brand, at our wholesale rate, which your educational institution may then add a margin on top of, or provide at a break-even point such that you can benefit from the competitive advantage of having internship placements as part of your product offering.



I would like to thank the AIPP team for giving me the chance in the best company I have ever worked for. I met wonderful people to work with who gave me advice me on the type of career I wanted to do and for which skills and interests are suitable. Thank you!


I got an opportunity to start my internship at a Host Company in May 2010. Currently, I am working as a data analyst there and I absolutely love what I do. I would like to thank all AIPP staff for their support and encouragement throughout the course and internship.


The past 12 weeks have been the best learning experience I have ever had in my entire life. I realised that work is so much different from study and it really requires a lot of common sense and self initiatives. Luckily I have developed these skills and experiences through AIPP. I am so grateful!


Yes, all locations. Organising internship placements is our business so we have done it before and can do it again. In addition, we will set aside a surplus of placement opportunities for your candidates to ensure we can meet your desired volume that we agree to take on.

This depends on many factors ranging from the:

  • English level of your candidates
  • Preferred duration of the internship
  • Location / city you wish for the internship to take place
  • Industry / role type of internship required

We are open for discussion on the number of candidates you have in mind. After the first successful intake, we can talk about increasing this number.

We are willing to adjust our process to meet your needs. Below is a proposal of how we would ideally like to provide our service to your candidates:

As the candidates coming from your institution will have come through without a consultation with AIPP directly, We would greatly appreciate the chance to consult with / interview the candidates for the purpose of both assessing their attitude/aptitude, and for the purpose of getting to know the character / goals / aspirations, etc., of each student as an individual so we can meet their preferences.

The way we would like to do this is have the candidates:

  • Fill in their details in our preference information gathering forms such as our Professional Internship Program form here
  • Complete the DISC profile test and provide us their results (as many of our host company partners appreciate this information, especially those interested in employing the candidates following their internship)
  • Have one consultation/interview with one of our trainers or staff from our Corporate Engagement Division (via skype or phone) so we can get to know the student in more detail.Thereafter the candidate will be profiled and registered into our system, so we can effectively match them with a suitable internship opportunity.

We will ask the candidates for information via 2 methods:

  • A variation of the Professional Internship Program form here
  • AIPP’s  resume template which will be emailed to the candidates once they have enrolled (which is made available for your reference here).

In addition, we will record notes based on the consultation with the candidate from the consultation we hold, their one-to-one interview practice sessions, and their DISC profile result.

All of this information gets fed into our system which looks like this and then gets worked on by our respective teams. There is also a network of interconnected sub-stages behind each stage as we have a tick box confirmation check for the completion of each task important to our successful service delivery.

Our process is to organise interviews with up to 3 different companies in the event that the candidate fails the 1st and 2nd interview. In the event of all interviews being failed, contractually AIPP reserves the right to organise no additional interviews for the candidate and to not provide a placement. This condition exists as a safeguard to limit the damage candidates may inflict to our relationships with our host company partners (through sabotaging interviews with poor conduct such as showing up late to interviews, being rude, etc.)

That being said, failure of all 3 interviews is a very rare outcome as:

  • AIPP makes every effort to set the right expectations with both the candidates and the host companies before the interviews.
  • We adjust the level of the host company – organising interviews with host companies with easier entry criteria we sent the intern to if they failed the 1st / 2nd interview.

Through our approach above, we have achieved 98% placement success rate to date.

Incidentally, if it is found that the candidate is not failing the interviews due to poor conduct (i.e., the outcome was in no way the candidate’s fault), AIPP would likely organise additional interviews with alternative companies/positions as it is our aim to provide every candidate a happy and successful placement.

All candidates receive ongoing support from our dedicated team case managers such that the candidates have a single contact point who is aware of their case at all times. In addition to this, the candidates are followed up with usually on a weekly basis (depending on the duration of their program as some of our candidates do 6 month placements or more). Contact is usually via phone as this usually provides a richer source of feedback, however there are also evaluation forms our candidates are sent periodically as it is also helpful to get feedback in writing.

We will provide you with a user account to our online system where you can see the placement status at every stage of our process for every candidate, and receive automated email notifications (if desired) upon the completion of specific stages (eg candidate placements, follow ups, etc). The system will look something like this (depending on what view access is granted).

In addition or alternatively we could provide and maintain a simpler record of customer’s progression via a google sheet such as this one here if desired.

If we fail to provide what you requested, we try first to find a new internship for you, if we are not able to find what you requested, then we provide a refund.

It is not guaranteed that you get hired after you finish, but in most cases companies search for employees from their interns.

Unfortunately you wont qualify for a refund in this case. Please note that all our host companies wants to hire from after the internship.

For reasons out of agreement, personal reasons and racism, we don’t give a refund.o.

AIPP will follow up with the company asking for feedback about the customer. In case of any misunderstanding between the company and the customer, we try to solve it in a manner that favors both sides. The customer is welcome to contact AIPP at any time to discuss anything related to this matter.

Most companies can provide certificates. AIPP also provides certificates when requested.