Work Integrated Learning Programs

As per our internship product pages, vacancy explorer, and approval letter from the Australian Government Department of Homeland Affairs for our active registration to provide sponsorship for visa classes Temporary Work visa (403), Training visa (407), Temporary Activity visa (408), there is a very broad range of Work Integrated Learning, Work Experience, Internship Placement, Vocational Training, etc., programs we provide both domestically and internationally.

Service Fees, Timing, & Integration Options

Affordable Service Fees

Typically our service fees for onshore programs (that do not require visa sponsorship) range from $1,100 to $1,798 subject to the needs of your institution.

Integration Options

We understand that every Educational Institution is unique, so we facilitate a flexible range of integration options in an effort to fit the needs of your institution best.

The Best Time To Help Your Students

As a general rule of thumb, students start seeking employment soon after commencing their study program. Therefore, the ideal time for employment support services to be offered is as part of your institution’s orientation. In fact, it is arguable that some students may have trouble concentrating on their study program until they have some form of income secured. Therefore, the sooner an institution can help their students overcome this mental block, the sooner the students can start focusing their attention on their studies – which incidentally can contribute toward higher grades, attendance rates, retention, and more.

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What people are saying about their experience with AIPP

We’re received a lot of great feedback from our students over the years and are putting together our own “Wall of Fame” below to share with the world the source of our inspiration – helping interns get past their obstacles and develop your employability skills to give you a real chance to succeed in getting the career of your dreams – and helping our host company partners find well matched interns!