Professional Resume Polishing Services

It’s A Story You Hear All Too Often

Many students/graduates, especially international students, experience larger than expected costs throughout their studies forcing them to take on work. It’s hard enough for a person to secure employment in their home country with full work rights and local references let alone securing employment in a new country following a different culture – which incidentally also does not recognise foreign work experience. Consequentially, students struggle to secure any form of employment, even the most basic of jobs that can help them cover their tuition fees – but this aspect of their student chapter doesn’t need to be this way.

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The Tried & Proven Method

The age old approach simply works: The resume gets the interview, the interview lands the job. However, what do you do if you have no idea what to put on your resume? And what if you do have an idea… but your idea is all wrong? Furthermore, what do you do if you don’t know what your selling points are? Or how to tailor your merits to the interest of your target market?

Our Professional Resume Polishing Service is uniquely designed for students/graduates taking into account the fact that they may be low in self confidence and unsure what to include or exclude in their resume, as well as what their qualities might be – and how best to showcase their qualities / what their target market is looking for as outlined in our 4 step process below.

Our 4 step process

STAGE 1: Information collection
In this stage you will be asked to complete a large questionnaire which, based on our years of experience, has been designed specifically to collect any information about your candidacy that may be relevant / of interest to Australian employers

STAGE 3: Professional resume polishing
In this stage we will write up your resume for you as optimally as possible, polishing your skills, qualities, and achievements to give your overall profile a real chance to get the right kind of attention of hiring managers you need to land a professional internship position with a reputable Australian company.

STAGE 2: Professional skill identification
Using the information you provide us, we will analyse and assess which of your skills, qualities, achievements, etc., will best attract interest of employers.

STAGE 4: Sharing of your professionally polished resume
Once we have professionally polished your resume, we will provide you a copy of your professionally polished resume for your reference and future use. We will also use your resume to liaise with our host company partners to negotiate your internship placement.


The Best Time To Help Your Students

As a general rule of thumb, students start seeking employment soon after commencing their study program. Therefore, the ideal time for employment support services to be offered is as part of your institution’s orientation. In fact, it is arguable that some students may have trouble concentrating on their study program until they have some form of income secured. Therefore, the sooner an institution can help their students overcome this mental block, the sooner the students can start focusing their attention on their studies – which incidentally can contribute toward higher grades, attendance rates, retention, and more.

Affordable Service Fees

We provide this full Professional Resume Polishing Service, including personalised editing and polishing by our professional staff, for just $39 per resume in an effort to make this service as affordable as possible, yet still uphold adequate quality standards.

Integration Options

We understand that every Educational Institution is unique, so we facilitate a flexible range of integration options ranging from a white labeled service wherein our billing arrangement would be directly managed with your institution, or connecting and working directly with your students with them subscribing for our service on their own accord – whatever fits the needs of your institution best.

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Pro Tip!

This Service is nicely complemented by our One-to-One Interview Practice Sessions!