Interview Practice Training Sessions

getting a job is a challenge for students and graduates

Why This Service?

It can be challenging to land an interview, and for some, interviews can be incredibly daunting. So for those rare and special moments that a student is successfully invited to an interview, it makes sense to help them prepare to pass it, and be offered the job! Imagine the gratitude and good will the student would have toward an educational Institution that provided them that support?

With this in mind, and with intense consideration of the unique needs and challenges of students/graduates, especially international students, we have developed a specific yet flexible curriculum for interview practice training sessions which we provide only in a one-to-one format to shield them from potential embarrassment from peers when those inevitable mistakes are made, and those nerves are shown, to ensure your students receive the full care and attention they deserve from our experienced, friendly, and professional trainers in a mentally safe environment.

Service Overview

Through this Service your students will receive one-to-one industry specialist training sessions (each spanning for 45 minutes) delivered in the comfort of their home or school campus at the time of their choosing via video conference (using skype or google hangouts, etc). In these sessions our trainers will work with your students to:

  • Develop core answers / statements / sound byes specifically formulated with the assistance of our professional trainers to ensure their key merits discovered
  • Ensure their value will be recognised, heard, and remembered by interviewers, placing them ahead of their less-prepared peers / competition
  • Boost their confidence in their interviews, giving them the chance to show interviewers the best that they can be
  • Strengthen their answers for them to be able to talk about their weaknesses to help reduce their weaknesses from being a detriment to their candidacy

Interview Training Guides & Worksheets

Additionally, to deepen and complement the results of their practice sessions, your students will receive training guides on the following modules:

  • How to research a company properly before your interview
  • How to dress / what to bring to your interview
  • What to do when you arrive for your interview
  • Modern interview question examples and successful answering techniques
  • What to write in a thank you email after your interview
  • What to do in the 20 minutes before your interview
  • Interview Preparation
  • Business Development Skills
  • Professional Presentation Instructions
  • Worksheets on key training materials


Integration Options

We understand that every Educational Institution is unique, so we facilitate a flexible range of integration options ranging from a white labeled service wherein our billing arrangement would be directly managed with your institution, or connecting and working directly with your students with them subscribing for our service on their own accord – whatever fits the needs of your institution best.

The Best Time To Help Your Students

As a general rule of thumb, students start seeking employment soon after commencing their study program. Therefore, the ideal time for employment support services to be offered is as part of your institution’s orientation. In fact, it is arguable that some students may have trouble concentrating on their study program until they have some form of income secured. Therefore, the sooner an institution can help their students overcome this mental block, the sooner the students can start focusing their attention on their studies – which incidentally can contribute toward higher grades, attendance rates, retention, and more.

Affordable Service Fees

We provide Interview Practice Training Sessions at times of your students’ selection for just $55 per session in an effort to make this service as affordable as possible, yet still uphold adequate quality standards.

Furthermore, it is warmly encouraged that your students undertake a minimum of 2 sessions each as it is typical that the in first session students get a feel for the session, then in the second they open up, ask more questions, and get a deeper experience.

Interview practice training sessions

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Pro Tip!

This Service is nicely complemented by our Professional Resume Polishing Service!