Our Student Service Offerings to Educational Institutions

Professional Resume Polishing

Let’s not forget that most students need to source a part-time job to support their studies, so the significance of students having a good resume to land a job at the time of orientation should be a matter of priority both for the student, and their educational institution. But should students include their profile photo? What should they write if they literally have zero work experience? Is it better to not mention irrelevant work experience? What should a student do if they don’t know their selling points? What if they think they know their selling points, but they are way off the mark? Students need help with resumes, and we provide that cheaply and professionally.

One-to-One Interview Training

Be it an interview for a part-time job to help pay their tuition fees, or their job after graduation, it’s hard enough for students to deal with their studies to also be burdened with unemployment challenges – and for many they are dealing in a culture and language they are less familiar with. So when that resume just works and that all important interview invitation comes in, it’s best to provide the students real support to pass it – that’s why we provide very affordable, one-to-one interview practice sessions that include but are not limited to research advice, mentoring, mock interview practice, caring feedback, and more.

Work Integrated Learning Placements

The employment market resonates a consistent message: Relevant work experience is in demand, and without it, graduates have a very hard time landing their first job. But their transition from graduation to employment doesn’t need to be this way. They can receive help to gain meaningful, relevant, work experience while studying. That’s why we provide Work Integrated Learning / Work Experience / Internship Placement Programs as a service to Educational Institutions. Oh and psst… Have you heard that institutions that bundle internship placements within their educational program offerings are gaining market share…?