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Throughout our course of embedding our services into educational institutions, we’ve been engaged in the integration of Online Enrolment Form Systems, Payment Systems, Automatic Invoice Reconciliation Systems, Agent Portals, Student Portals, Marketing Automation, Operational Automation, and more, resulting in the development of our unique speciality in the creation of online enrolment systems for educational institutions.

Our Online Enrolment From System has been reverse engineered with a digital-first approach to fully replace the need for any manual enrolment processing resulting in a solution that is cost effective, efficient, reliable, flexible, supports data analytics, and is infinitely scalable.

Cut Costs

  • Pay only for what you need
  • Cut your admin costs by up to 100%
  • Accurately forecast future expenses

Improve Efficiency

  • Sign up students anytime from anywhere
  • Use logical condition to personalise form questions depending on the customer
  • Automate payments to your bank account

Strengthen Reliability

  • Eliminate human errors
  • All customer interaction data in one place
  • Secure data privacy

Customise Fit

  • Manage sales pipelines
  • Agent portal features
  • Accept online payments

Position for Growth

  • Eliminate work volume bottle necks
  • Adopt a system that will support your growth

Collect Data

  • That which is measured can be improved
  • Identify trends & forecasts
  • Generate in-depth reports

Focus on Your Specialities

  • Let us worry about the system
  • So you have time to work on your passion

Benefit From Industry Best Practice

We stay up to date on every trend
And keep your systems up to date

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