Services & Programs for Educational Institutions

The Australian Institute of Professional Pathways (AIPP) is a team of uniquely trained HR and business professionals operating since 2007 to help students / graduates transition successfully from the "study chapter" of their lives, into their working one through services and programs that bolster student employability.

The Australian Institute of Professional Pathways (AIPP) is not a CRICOS provider, nor an RTO, so we are in no way a competitor to Colleges / Universities. Rather, AIPP exists to serve educational institutions through the provision of two core specialisations:

  1. IT Services: the development and provision of IT Systems custom developed for your institution to save costs, and
  2. Student Services: Programs/Services you can add into your institution’s offering, boosting your institution’s competitive advantage & enrolments

While our most popular programs/services are listed below, we do offer a broader service range than that which is listed, therefore we warmly encourage that you contact us such that we may organise a commitment-free consultation to assess how we may help your institution achieve its goals.

Automated online enrolment form solutions



Marketing & Operations Process Automation

Billing: Setup + Maintenance

Everyone has heard the expression “do it nice or do it twice” yet when it comes to repeat, manual work, so few companies are taking advantage of their opportunity to automate costly, mundane, time consuming, repeat tasks when so much can simply be automated.

Let’s imagine the following scenario:

  • your institution has 20 operational tasks that need to be performed per student per trimester (e.g. creating and issuing invoices, following up outstanding payments, inviting students to enrol into units, creating and issuing Letters of Offer / Certificates of Enrolment / processing RPL evidence, notifying that certain class time are full, inviting students to new class times, chasing students about cut off dates, etc.) and
  • your institution’s staff are receiving $50,000 per year in salary (approx $26 per hour) and
  • each of the 20 tasks takes 10 minutes to complete and
  • 15 of the 20 tasks can be automated

In this scenario, by automating these 15 processes your institution would save approx $65 per student per trimester. If your institution has 2,000 students, thats $390,000 in savings per year that moves straight to your institution’s profitability.

But thats only the beginning of the benefit..! For many institutions, semesters/trimesters are seasonal headaches in that there is a large volume of operational work that must get done within a tight time period with limited resources – but remember that automated processes do not feel the weight of any workload! therefore, your institution’s intakes can occur with far less strain, stress, operational risk, and costs!

Work Experience Placement Programs

Billing: $700 to $1,200 per student/graduate

We provide a broad variety of Work Experience Placements / Internship Programs / Vocational Placements / Work Integrated Learning Programs, etc., in a variety of ways. In every case, these placements/programs are customised to your students/graduates individually and are designed to boost their employability through a combination of training (provided by AIPP), and through the exposure / real world work experience they will receive from the host company of their placement.

Popular implementation structures of our programs:

  • Embedded into the curriculum of your institution as an elective unit,
  • Offered by your institution as a reward to well performing students (to improve student GPAs, student retention rates, TEQSA compliance adherence evidence, etc)
  • Promoted by your institution to your institution’s students for them to join on their own accord to help them with the next stage of their journey.

Please note:

  • our placement programs include our resume polishing service and 5x interview practice sessions per student
  • it is common that our educational institution clients would charge their students/graduates more than the fee than the institution pays AIPP, resulting in a margin left for the institution
  • AIPP is a registered visa sponsor so in some cases we can provide visa sponsorship to your students/graduates for the purpose of their enrolment into our programs.

Integrated Online Enrolment Form Systems

Billing: Setup + Maintenance

Help your colleagues free up time to take care of other tasks by using our automated Online Enrolment Form System which can:

  • Automatically accept/screen out eligible/ineligible enrolees based on criteria of your choice
  • Notify your enrolments team of enrolments/rejections
  • Email a personalised Letter of Offer within minutes
  • Email a personalised Certificate of Enrolment within minutes
  • Automatically your student’s records to their existing or new profile your CRM
  • Record and connect all phone conversations with your students against their personal profile
  • Record the source of the sale (which agent, etc) against the student’s profile
  • Provide your agents a live portal detailing their student’s enrolments and commission statuses
  • Generate and issue invoices
  • Chase up, track, and record billing statuses
  • Notify your accounts team of payments/outstanding funds
  • Etc

1-to-1 Interview Practice Training Sessions

Billing: $55 per session

We provide one-to-one, 45 minute, interview practice sessions held by our professional trainers online via phone or video conference 24/7 for the convenience of your students/graduates world-wide. Where multiple sessions are booked upfront per student these sessions have a recommended curriculum / structure, however our student/graduate feedback shows that the students/graduates find even one session immensely helpful.

This service also comes with a few bonus training guides we provide your students to help them with their journey including but not limited to

  • How to negotiate salary
  • How to research a company before an interview
  • How to stand out in an interview against other candidates

Integrated Telecommunications & CRM Solutions

Billing: Setup + Maintenance

Integrated telecommunications systems (call recording) to a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system provided by AIPP including email distribution

Professional Resume Polishing

Billing: $39 per resume

We provide our professional resume polishing service for just $39 per resume. The service follows a 4 step process which includes but is not limited to the student/graduate selecting a resume template our self-made system will generate, and to have one of AIPP’s professional staff manually review and polish the student/graduate’s resume.

This service also comes with a few bonus training guides we provide your students to help them with their journey including but not limited to

  • How to identify your selling points
  • LinkedIn profile setup
  • How to write a cover letter