Eligibility Assessment for Internship Program with Training Visa 407 Sponsorship


What is the Eligibility Assessment?

  • This Service is an Eligibility Assessment conducted by AIPP supported by AIPP's migration agencies to determine if an applicate qualifies to enrol into AIPP's Internship Program with Training Visa 407 Sponsorship (henceforth referred to as "the Program").
  • Any applicant wanting to enrol into the Program must partake in and pass this assessment.
  • Applicants who successfully pass this assessment will then be invited to enrol into the Program, and the fees paid for the Eligibility Assessment will be applied against the program fees of the Program.

What is the Program?

  • Overview: The Program is a highly specialised, paid training opportunity that includes visa sponsorship designed to help candidates enhance their skills in their chosen occupation while working Australia.
  • Duration: 12-18 months
  • Remuneration: Approximately AUD$35,000 subject to hours worked, job title, etc.

Key benefits:

  1. Genuine, strong chance for you to receive an offer of ongoing employment upon the successful completion of your program from your AIPP Host Company
  2. Gain paid work experience in your field / industry of choice as well as mentoring, exposure, and training to the areas within your profession you need to develop your skills in to take you to the next stage of your career
  3. Exposure to professional contacts within your preferred field / industry of choice for future career opportunities
  4. Boost your employability in the Australian labour market through the development/refinement/recognition of your practical skills
  5. Development of your confidence, interview skills, communication skills, cross-cultural skills, resume skills, & more
  6. Receive an AIPP Certificate of Completion, and a letter of recommendation from your AIPP Host Company
  7. Inclusion in AIPP’s Talent Pool, through which you may be introduced to Australian companies looking to hire students/graduates

Please note: While it is common that enrolees in this Program receive offers from employers to extend their sponsorship to a “Temporary Skill Shortage visa (TSS/482)”, leading towards eligibility to apply for Australian Permanent Residency, this Program should not be considered to be a pathway to Australian Permanent Residency. Rather, its purpose is to provide an opportunity for candidates to enhance their skills in their chosen occupation while receiving exposure to Australian business culture, work practices, etc.

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