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AIPP/ October 24, 2017/ Internal Hiring Opportunity/ 0 comments

Who we are:

Our company, AIPP, is an innovative and dramatically growing organisation with thousands of client partners all over Australia. We focus on providing quality internships to local and internationally students / graduates (onshore or offshore) and is largely been recognised as one of the top internship provider to date.

As part of our growing company, we are currently looking for Sales Marketers to join our exciting team! This is a challenging role that could enhance your skills in Sales and Marketing areas, hence, an opportunity for career growth in the future.

The new role:

You will become part of our highly specialised Sales Team. Your role is basically to contact schools and make partnership with them via phone or email. You should be able to build rapport and relationships with them effectively. Additionally, a presentation is also very important so, making / creating marketing materials is crucial part of being a sales marketer.

Skills and Experience:

A minimum experience / training in Sales is required. Having excellent communication skills is a must. Well established organisational management skills in being able to manage your time  effectively. Ability to keep up with urgent tasks and being able to contribute and help our team succeed.

The Rewards:

As part of Sales Team, you will have a generous base wage and commission structure. Work is recognised and rewarded. You will be mentored by our supporting team.

How to Apply:

Thank you for your interest in this position. To apply, please submit your application via our Application Form.

Thank you and good luck!

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