Terms & Conditions of Enrolment – Professional Internship Program

Herein are the terms & conditions of the Australian Institute of Professional Pathways (AIPP) Pty. Ltd’s AIPP Professional Internship Program (hereafter referred to as the “Program”), the enrolee (hereafter referred to as the “ Customer”) agrees to adhere to all of the terms & conditions of enrolment defined as follows:


  1. Definitions & Interpretations

  2. AIPP Code of Conduct

  3. Privacy Policy & Use Personal Information

  4. Confidential Information & Damages

  5. Insurance & Responsibilities

  6. Deliverables

  7. Duration & Start Dates

  8. Placement Guarantee

  9. Fees & Payment Structure

  10. Refunds & Grievances

  11. Indemnity

  12. Special Acknowledgements

  1. Definitions & Interpretations

    1. DefinitionsIn this agreement, unless the context requires otherwise:
      1. AIPP material
        AIPP material means any material that AIPP makes accessible to the service provider for the purpose of this agreement, or that applies to the affairs of AIPP or any of its personnel or clients, and is acquired by the service provider under, or in reflection of or as a result of, this agreement.
      2. Business day
        Business day means:

        1. In association to the performance of an act, the paying of a payment or the acceptance of a notice, a day which is not a Saturday, Sunday or public holiday in the place where the act is achieved, payment is made or notice is received; and
        2. For all other intends, a day that is not a Saturday, Sunday or public holiday in Sydney, Australia.
      3. Business Hours
        Business Hours means from 9.00am to 5.00pm on a Business Day.
      4. Claim
        Claim means any claim, advancing, cause of activity, action, demand or suit (including by way of contribution or restitution).
      5. Confidential
        Confidential information of a disclosing party means the following information, in any case of its form and Whether the accepting party becomes acquainted of it before or after the date of this agreement:

        1. Information that is by its being confidential;
        2. Information that is characterised by the disclosing party as confidential; and
        3. Information the accepting party knows, or ought to know, is confidential, and in the case of AIPP, includes information composed in the deliverables and the AIPP material, but omits information that:
          1. The accepting party creates (whether alone or as one with any third person) independently of the disclosing party; or
          2. Is public information (other than as a result of a breach of confidentiality by the accepting party or any of its allowed discloses).
      6. Customer means
        Customer means an individual enrolled in a program at AIPP who is referred to the service provider for an internship placement.
      7. Deliverables
        Deliverables means the deliverables specified in this agreement.
      8. Dispute
        Dispute means a dispute coming out of or relating to this agreement, involving a dispute as to breach or discontinuation of this agreement or as to any claim being relevant to this agreement in wrong, in equity or under any law.
      9. Host Company
        Host Company means an organisation accepted by AIPP that can offer suitable and appropriate skills and experience where the Intern is undertaking an Internship.
      10. Indemnity
        An indemnity is an obligation by a person (indemnitor) to provide compensation for a particular loss suffered by another person (indemnitee/indemnified).
      11. Intellectual property rightsIntellectual property rights means all intellectual property rights, including the following rights:
        1. Patents, copyright, rights in circuit layouts, designs, trade and service marks (including goodwill in those marks), domain names and trade names and any right to have confidential information kept confidential;
        2. Any application or right to approach for registration of any of the rights referred to in this agreement; and
        3. All rights of a similar nature to any of the rights in this agreement that may exist anywhere in the world (including Australia), whether or not such rights are enlisted or capable of being enlisted.
      12. Intern
        Intern means the individual undertaking this program / participating in the Internship.
      13. Internship
        Internship means a carefully monitored work or volunteer experience in which an individual has intentional learning goals and reflects actively on what he or she is learning throughout the experience. An Internship is a learning period where an Intern undertakes training within a host company with the aim of developing mutually beneficial goals.
      14. Internship placement
        Internship placement means the placement of a customer into a host organisation in order to obtain appropriate experience and skills as part of undertaking a program.
      15. Interview
        Interview means an appointment to speak with the Host company either:

        1. In-person
        2. Via Skype or any other online method
        3. Via Telephonic interview
      16. Law
        Law means any law, including legislation, ordinances, regulations, by-laws and other subordinate legislation, and the common law and equity.
      17. Loss
        Loss means any cost (comprising of legal costs on a solicitor and own client basis, whether incurred by or presented against the relevant party), expense, loss, damage, charge or accountability whether direct, indirect or consequential (including pure economic loss), present or future, confirmed, unconfirmed, actual, prospective or contingent, and covering any such cost, expense, loss, damage, charge or accountability that is incurred in connection with a claim, covering the defence or settlement of that claim.
      18. Material
        Material means any documentation, documented blueprint, methodology or process, software, data or other material, in whatever sorts, including reports, particulars, business rules or conditions, user manuals, user guides, operations manuals, training materials and directions.
      19. Offer/Confirmation Letter
        Offer/Confirmation Letter means the online email form including Internship terms and details of The Intern and The Host Company.
      20. Personal information
        Personal information means the same as given to that term under the privacy act 1988 (cth).
      21. Placement
        Placement means when a host company accepts an intern to formally begin interning at their company for a stipulated time.
      22. Placement fees
        Placement fees means the charges specified in this agreement.
      23. ServicesServices means:
        1. The services, functions and commitments required to be delivered by the service provider as specified in program agreement / terms and conditions;
        2. The services, functions and commitments required to be delivered by the service provider as specified in deliverables; and
        3. Any services, functions and commitments not specifically explained in this agreement but that are incidental to, or needed for the absolute performance and provision of, the services, functions and commitments specified in the agreement.
      24. Tax
        Tax means:

        1. All taxes levied, imposed or calculated under any statute, ordinance, decree, regulation, order or law in Australia or elsewhere; and
        2. Any additional tax, interest, penalty, charge, fee or other amount of any kind calculated, charged or imposed in correlation to the late or short payment of the same or the failure to file any return.
    2. InterpretationIn this agreement, except where the context otherwise requires:
      1. The singular covers the plural and vice versa, and a gender covers other genders;
      2. Another grammatical form of a explained word or expression has a corresponding meaning;
      3. A reference to a clause, paragraph, schedule or annexure is to a clause or paragraph of, or schedule or annexure to, this agreement, and a reference to this agreement covers any schedule or annexure;
      4. A reference to a document or instrument covers the document or instrument as novated, adjusted, supplemented or changed from time to time;
      5. A reference to A$, $A, AUD$, AUD, dollar or $ is to Australian currency;
      6. A reference to a party is to a party to this agreement, and a reference to a party to a document covers the party’s executors, directors, successors and allowed assigns and substitutes;
      7. A reference to a person covers a natural person, partnership, body corporate, affiliation, governmental or local authority or businesses or other entity;
      8. A reference to a statute, ordinance, code or other law covers regulations and other instruments under it and coalitions, amendments, re-enactments or substitutes of any of them;
      9. The meaning of general words is not limited by individual examples introduced by covering, for example or similar expressions;
      10. A rule of construction does not apply to the disability of a party because the party was liable for the preparation of this agreement or any part of it; and
      11. If a day on or by which an imperative must be performed or a circumstance must occur is not a business day, the imperative must be performed or the circumstance must occur on or by the next business day.
    3. Headings
      Headings are for ease of reference only and do not affect interpretation.
  2. AIPP Code of Conduct

    1. The Customer must NOT:
      1. Engage in conduct that could prejudice the reputation of the host-company or negatively impact on the Host Company’s purpose in any way
      2. Engage in conduct that could be damaging towards AIPP in any way
      3. Engage in contact with AIPP’s Host Company Partners without the explicit written consent of AIPP prior to confirmation of the Host Company’s formal acceptance of an internship commencement with the Customer as communicated by AIPP to the Customer
      4. Harass, bully or discriminate against any staff at AIPP or the host company
      5. Act aggressively towards or manipulate any staff at AIPP or the host-company
      6. Mislead or deceive any staff at AIPP or the host company in any way
      7. Act in a manner that is likely to be inconsistent with the company’s rules, policies and procedures
      8. Participate in illegal activities or conduct that is likely to conflict with Australian culture (e.g. bribing the host-company or AIPP)
      9. Attempt to negotiate an employment offer or visa sponsorship with the host-company at any time before the completion of the internship placement without prior written consent from AIPP
      10. Exceptional circumstances may be considered at the sole discretion of AIPP.
    2. The Customer must:
      1. Be upfront about any commitments outside of the program / this agreement.
      2. Advise AIPP of any changes of details including visa status, contact details, travel plans, availability, employment:
        1. Within 5 working days of becoming aware of said change
        2. Where possible, prior to said changes having any form of negative impact on the completion or progress of the program.
      3. Attend any and all interviews, including telephone interviews, arranged by AIPP or its agents in respect of comply with all rules, policies, instructions and requirements of the host company
      4. Comply with all laws and regulations of Australia (including but not limited to all laws in relation to the Visa)
      5. Make efforts / take initiative to uphold the following expectations / standards of western business culture and etiquette at all times including but not limited to
        1. When in doubt, introduce others. Always introduce people to others whenever the opportunity arises, unless you know that they’re already acquainted. It makes people feel valued, regardless of their status or position
        2. A handshake is still the professional standard. Not only does this simple gesture demonstrate that you’re polite, confident and approachable, it also sets the tone for any potential future professional relationship. In a very casual work atmosphere, you might be able to get away with a nod or a hello, but it’s worth it to make the extra effort to offer your hand
        3. Always say “Please” and “Thank you.” This should go without saying, but even in a very casual professional atmosphere, this basic form of courtesy is still imperative. Today, sending a thank you e-mail is perfectly acceptable, but a handwritten thank you note is always a nice touch
        4. Don’t interrupt. We’ve become a nation of “over-talkers,” so eager to offer our own opinions or press our point that we often interrupt others mid-sentence. It can be tongue-bitingly difficult to force ourselves not to interject, especially when the discussion is heated. Don’t. It’s rude and shows disrespect for the opinions of others. Remember, be assertive, not aggressive
        5. Watch your language. Verbal and written communications are often much less formal than in times past, but be careful to choose your words wisely. Of course, derogatory, rude or offensive language is unacceptable, but so is slang. While it may be commonplace in our society, it’s never acceptable in a professional atmosphere
        6. Double check before you hit send. While we’re on the subject of communication, always check your e-mails for spelling and grammar errors. Since the advent of spell check, there is no excuse for typos. Also, do a quick read to make sure the meaning and tone are what you wish to convey. And no smileys, please
        7. Don’t walk into someone’s office unannounced. It’s disrespectful to assume that you have the right to interrupt other people’s work. Knock on the door or say hello if it’s open and ask if it’s a good time to talk. If the discussion is going to take more than a few minutes, it’s a good idea to call or e-mail and schedule a good time for both of you
        8. Don’t gossip. It’s so hard sometimes to resist engaging in a little “harmless” gossip. But the reality is that gossip is never harmless. It is most certainly damaging to the subject of the gossip, but it also reflects poorly on you. It’s natural to be curious and interested in what other people are doing, but talking about someone who is not present is disrespectful
        9. Don’t eavesdrop. Everyone is entitled to private conversations, in person or over the phone. The same goes for e-mail; don’t stand over someone’s shoulder and read their e-mails
        10. Acknowledge others. When someone approaches you, acknowledge him or her. If you’re in the middle of something important, it’s fine to ask them to wait a minute while you finish. If you pass someone in the hallway or on the street, but don’t have time to talk, at least wave a hand and say hello. Busyness is not an excuse to ignore people
        11. Avoid the “Big Two.” We have blurred many of the personal and professional lines, but politics and religion are still off-limits. These topics are highly charged minefields for a professional atmosphere. Leave them at the office door
        12. Be on time. We’re all busy. Being punctual shows others that you value their time. Being late doesn’t mean that you’re busier than other people; it just means that you’re inconsiderate
        13. No phone during meetings. When you’re in a meeting, focus on the meeting discussion. Don’t take calls, text or check e-mail. It’s disrespectful to the other attendees, not to mention, extremely annoying. It also makes meetings last longer because the participants keep losing focus
        14. Don’t be pushy. Don’t simply hand out business cards to everyone you meet. It’s a bit aggressive unless you’re on a sales call. Ask for the other person’s card, offer to exchange cards or at the very least, ask if you can leave your card before you reach in your pocket
        15. Show genuine interest. Keep eye contact and make an effort to truly listen to what others are saying. We are so easily distracted in this climate of increasingly short attention spans; we often can’t wait for the other person to hurry up and finish so we can move on to the next thing. Resist the lure of distraction and haste. Take the time to ask questions and show an interest in the other person’s thoughts.
  3. Privacy Policy & Use Of Your Personal Information

    1. AIPP operates under the Privacy Act 1988 and complies with National Privacy Principles in respect of the collection, use and disclosure of personal information from individuals
    2. The Customer’s personal information may be made available by AIPP to Commonwealth and State agencies and the ESOS Assurance Fund Manager
    3. The Customer gives AIPP the right to disclose the Customer’s personal information to AIPP’s staff and partners for the purpose of organising the Customer’s Placement, and any other Program Component.
  4. Confidential Information & Damages

    1. AIPP
      1. AIPP is in no way responsible for any damages caused by the Customer during the Internship program, where the damages may be of any nature
      2. The Customer accepts all responsibility personally and understands that they are in no way to be regarded as employees of AIPP.
      3. In all regards to outcomes of internship placements, AIPP’s liability is limited to that of a referring agent
      4. The Customer shall not
        1. Give away, share, sell, or in any way distribute any AIPP materials, training materials, nor intellectual property of AIPP of any kind at any time.
        2. Disclose the names of AIPP’s host-company partners to third party organisations other than for the sole purpose of self promotion
      5. The Customer will be held liable for the misuse of any confidential information or intellectual property abuse
    2. Host Company Partners
      1. All Confidential Information encountered whilst interning is, shall be, and shall remain to be the sole and exclusive property of the Host Company
      2. The Customer will be held solely liable for the misuse of any confidential information or intellectual property abuse
  5. Program Insurance & Responsibilities

    1. Program Insurance
      1. The Customer is responsible for his or her own safety before, throughout, and after the Program at all times
      2. AIPP and any of AIPP’s associates / partners (including Host Company Partners and Sales Agents) are not responsible nor liable in any way for the safety and or insurance of an intern before, during, or after their way to, at, or from, their Host Company and/or any outing they may be attending in any way part of before during or after their program or other related activities.
    2. Responsibilities
      1. The Customer must attend all consultations / trainings / interviews / etc., unless there is a legitimate reason, e.g., illness, in which case a doctor’s certificate must be presented
      2. Failure to attend a consultation / training / interview / etc., without providing AIPP a doctor’s certificate or another valid explanation may result in the Customer’s expulsion from AIPP Program
      3. Reasons for absenteeism / failure to uphold responsibilities that are recognised as valid include:
        1. Personal illness (Requires: Doctor’s Certificate)
        2. Quarantine under the direction of a health officer (Requires: Verification)
        3. Funeral services for a member of the immediate family
        4. Customer serving on jury duty (Requires: Verification)
        5. Exclusion for illness or medical appointment of a child of whom the Customer is the custodial parent (Requires: Verification)
        6. Personal court appearance (Requires: Verification)
        7. Observance of a religious holiday or ceremony (Requires: 3 days advance written notice to AIPP)
        8. For the purpose of spending time with a member of the Customer’s immediate family who is an active duty member of the military (Requires: Verification)
        9. Exceptional circumstances may be considered at the sole discretion of AIPP.
  6. Program Deliverables

    1. Deliverable components are subject to the specifications the Customer enters into their enrolment form pertaining to but not limited to the Customer’s chosen Visa, Industry, Duration, etc.
    2. Customers are entitled to the the following:
      1. AIPP’s professional pre-internship training including but not limited to:
        1. AIPP’s professional resume polishing service
        2. Receipt of AIPP’s professional resume template / instruction guide for the Customer to complete and provide to AIPP
        3. AIPP’s individualised resume polishing service
        4. Success mentor will be assigned to each Customer
        5. LinkedIn profile guides and tips to polish it
        6. AIPP Training guides on:
          1. How to research a company properly before your interview
          2. How to dress / what to bring to your interview
          3. What to do when you arrive for your interview
          4. Modern interview question examples and successful answering techniques
          5. What to write in a thank you email after your interview
          6. What to do in the 20 minutes before your interview
          7. Interview Preparation
          8. Business Development Skills
          9. Professional Presentation Instructions
        7. Worksheets on key training materials
        8. Up to 5 x 45 minute one-to-one online interview practice sessions with AIPP’s professional interview trainers
      2. An internship Placement provided at an AIPP host company partner that:
        1. Closely matches the Customer’s preferences as defined by the specifications provided in their Enrolment Form including the Customer’s specified
          1. Duration
          2. Start Date
          3. End Date
          4. Industry
          5. Tasks / Duties
          6. Geographic Location
        2. For Customers with industry selection class F (as per the Program Fees Page):
          Payment (provided by the Host Company) of approximately $17-$22 per hour for approximately 6-8 hours a day, 3-5 days a week (Eg, $4,500-$9,000 over 12 weeks [before rent, tax, etc]) unless otherwise agreed.
      3. Ongoing support in the form of:
        1. Professional skill development, career guidance and performance reviews as required by the Customer’s Educational Institution (if applicable)
        2. Engagement for the duration of your internship program to ensure key learning outcomes are being met as required by the Customer’s Educational Institution (if applicable)
        3. The organising of substitute internship placements for the remaining duration of the Customer’s Program as defined by the Customer’s Enrolment Form in the event that
          1. The Placement ended prematurely at no fault of the Customer, or
          2. The Placement did not meet the specifications made by the Customer as defined by the Customer’s Enrolment Form at the time of enrolment
          3. The Customer discontinued a placement organised by AIPP without following the grievance process as outlined in this agreement
        4. Where AIPP arranges a substitute internship for the Customer, it will be deemed to constitute a continuance of the internship and the internship placement particulars will be amended accordingly to reflect these arrangements
        5. No substitute internship placements will be organised for the Customer in the event of any of the following instances:
          1. The initial internship placement organised by AIPP meets the customer’s specifications as per the customer’s Enrolment Form as at the time of submission, unless
            1. The Placement ended prematurely at no fault of the Customer, or
            2. The Placement did not meet the specifications made by the Customer as defined by the Customer’s Enrolment Form as at the time of enrolment
          2. The Customer is accused by the Customer’s Host Company of
            1. Sexual harassment (of any kind)
            2. Discrimination (of any kind)
            3. Negligence by the Customer in terms of misconduct or disobeying the Host Company’s procedures / policies / rules
            4. Leaving the Host Company without informing AIPP at least two weeks prior and/or without being given approval to do so by AIPP
            5. Taking time off for holidays / personal reasons without prior agreement with the Host Company
            6. Taking sick leave without providing your host company a medical certificate if asked to do so by the host company
            7. Changing Internship hours without prior permission from the supervisor at the company and the Customer’s educational institution (if applicable)
            8. Demanding payments from the host company if the internship is unpaid
            9. Acting in any way that adversely affects the smooth running or operations of the host company. For example: unauthorised Customer downloads, using company resources in an unacceptable manner. etc.
          3. Any breach of the AIPP Code of Conduct at any stage of the program
          4. Exceptional circumstances may be considered at the sole discretion of AIPP
      4. Post Internship components (upon successful completion of the Program):
        1. Inclusion in AIPP’s Talent Pool for the purpose of referring Customers to AIPP host company partners for future job placement opportunities as they arise (Subject to the Customer’s fit with the respective opportunities)
        2. A Letter of Recommendation for the Customer’s Host Company
        3. An Certificate of Completion from AIPP
        4. A review of the Customer’s LinkedIn profile plus feedback from AIPP.
  7. Program Duration & Start Dates

    1. The duration of the Program will be the preferred internship duration period specified in the Customer’s enrolment form, plus the duration the Customer takes to complete the pre-internship components as outlined above (the time the Customer requires to complete the pre-internship components as outlined above does not consume the agreed internship duration period itself).
    2. The internship duration period specified in the Customer’s enrolment form will be the minimum internship duration period provided unless
      1. Agreed to by both parties, or
      2. A shortened period is agreed to by the Customer through the Customer signing any agreement with a shortened period specified (eg an agreement between the Customer and their Host Company).
    3. Agreements between the Customer and another party (eg a Host Company Partner, an Educational Institution, or otherwise), will not by default lengthen the agreed internship duration period AIPP is obligated to provide under this program.
    4. Extensions to the internship duration period as set out in the Customer’s Enrolment form can only be extended with the explicit written consent of AIPP.
  8. Program Guarantee

    1. AIPP guarantees to organise an internship placement that matches the Customer’s preferences / specified criteria provided by the Customer in the Enrolment Form within 60 days after the Customer successfully completes the preliminary requirements:
      1. Full payment
      2. Submission of resume
      3. Submission of health-insurance card picture
      4. Attending the First Training Session (One-to-One Practice Interview)
        • Note: The preferred start date should not be earlier than the day of completion all the preliminary requirements.
        • Note: If the Customer is placed on hold, then the 60-day policy will be recalculated from the day of the updated preferred-start date of the Customer or on the day the Customer verbalized his readiness for placement interviews.
    2. This guarantee is limited by the following conditions:
      1. The Customer
        1. Fails to
          1. Show up at interviews on time, etc
          2. Respond to interview invitations or AIPP communications pertaining to the organisation of internship interviews with host company partners within 2 working days, and provide any subsequently requested documentation including but not limited to academic transcripts, visa documentation, etc
          3. Pay or provide notice of program fee payment completion within 2 working days from the date of request
          4. Show adequate commitment and consistent application to the Program’s requirements including but not limited to conduct such as:
            1. Response rate to AIPP communications
            2. Quality of work / application toward AIPP pre-placement trainings, etc
          5. Accept an invitation to an internship interview / offer
          6. Provide at least 24 hours written notice when changing an agreed host company interview time
          7. Provide a signed copy of the respective Notice of Appointment agreement within 2 working days upon acceptance from the Host Company
        2. Requests to change an agreed interview time in excess of 2 instances
        3. Is determined by AIPP to be inadequately prepared / not of a suitable state of mind to be put forward for an interview, in which case AIPP reserves the right to postpone the delivery of any further Program Deliverables until the Customer has demonstrated adequate development, at the sole discretion of AIPP
        4. Is not accepted by any AIPP Host Company partners after attending 3 interviews organised by AIPP
      2. No more than 180 days have passed since the Customer’s enrolment application signing date and AIPP has provided the Customer with one or more Program Deliverables of this agreement
      3. Exceptional circumstances may be considered at the sole discretion of AIPP
  9. Program Fees & Payment Structure

    1. Program Fees
      1. The Price List / Schedule of fees is correct as of the 1st of July 2016, and AIPP reserves the right to vary fees at any time
    2. Payment Structure
      1. The Customer must pay a minimum of $500 with their enrolment to formalise their registration and must be paid before AIPP will initiate the services outlined in the program’s curriculum / terms and conditions
      2. Once the Customer is enrolled, AIPP will begin the pre-internship training components, & then AIPP Host Company Partners liaison activities upon receipt of the Customer’s resume complete in AIPP’s resume template to organise the internship as per this agreement
      3. Once AIPP receives notice from a Host Company Partner of a request to interview or accept the Customer, the Customer will pay the remaining Program Fee (program fee minus deposit paid) in full as defined by the Customer’s invoice to AIPP before the interview/placement will be arranged
      4. Payments must be made in Australian currency
      5. Payment will be made by Electronic Funds Transfer to:
        Bank: Commonwealth Bank of Australia
        BSB: 062000
        Account: 1644 5748
        Account Name: AIPP
        Reference: Your first & last name

        For International Transactions:

        SWIFT Code: CTBAAU2S
        IBAN: 06200016445748

  10. Program Refunds & Grievances

    1. Program Refunds
      1. In the event of AIPP failing to provide the program as defined by this agreement, 100% of the Customer’s Deposit/Program fee less an AUD$200 enrolment fee will be refunded to the Customer unless the Customer has disqualified themselves from eligibility of refund
        1. Customers will be regarded as disqualified from eligibility of refund in the event of occurrences of one or more of the following:
          1. Breaching one or more of the conditions of this agreement.
          2. Inhibiting and or preventing AIPP from upholding this agreement by:
            1. Failing to
              1. Comply with AIPP’s instructions or adhering to the process flow of the Program, or
              2. Respond to AIPP’s communications within 2 working days
          3. Exceptional circumstances may be considered at the sole discretion of AIPP.
      2. No transfer to another institution will be accepted under any AIPP program
      3. AIPP will not authorise the transfer of fees to other institutions, nor transfer funds to any other Customer’s account
      4. AIPP may terminate this agreement with immediate effect by giving notice to the Customer at any time if the Customer:
        1. Breaches any condition of this agreement
        2. Is subject to an insolvency event
      5. In the event of termination of this agreement:
        1. In addition to any other rights or remedies provided for by law each party is released from its obligations under this agreement, other than in relation to any obligations intended to survive the termination of this agreement
        2. Each party retains any rights, entitlements or remedies it has accrued before termination
        3. Due to the fault of the Customer for whatever reason or cause, under no circumstances will AIPP be liable to the Customer for any losses, costs or inconvenience suffered.
    2. Grievances
      1. Where a Customer has a grievance concerning a decision or a situation, the Customer/ Customer has the right to raise the grievance and to have that grievance considered with courtesy, in a timely fashion, and without fear of prejudicial treatment.
      2. The following table sets out the procedures which the Customer should follow when they have a grievance:
        Circumstance Step 1: Step 2:
        Dissatisfaction with level of service from AIPP Raise the matter with the staff member concerned – it could be a simple miscommunication. Lodge a complaint with the relevant staff member in writing.
        Dissatisfaction with host company / internship placement Continue with your internship as planned unless you are in anyway in danger and or harm’s way.

        Raise the matter with your AIPP Success Mentor in writing.

        Allow AIPP 10 working days to resolve the cause of the dissatisfaction

        Lodge an appeal in writing.

        The appeal is considered by the Customer Care Team Manager, whose decision is final.

        Notice of final decision will be made, in writing, within 15 working days

        Application for refund Refer to refund policy.

        Contact relevant staff member.

        Discuss the situation which is the source of the grievance, as this is likely to lead to a resolution in the most straightforward way

        Submit an application in writing to the relevant staff member.

        Notice of decision will be made, in writing, within 15 working days

        Dissatisfaction with decision to refund of Customers contribution or remission of debt Request a review of decision.

        Review is considered by the relevant staff member.

        Notice of decision will be made, in writing, within 15 working days.

        Lodge an appeal in writing.

        The appeal is considered by the Customer Care Team Manager, whose decision is final.

        Notice of final decision will be made, in writing, within 15 working days

        Response to a finding of misconduct Refer to the student guide.

        Response to the finding of misconduct in writing.

        The response is directed to the relevant staff member.

        Informal mediation with relevant staff member may be required

        Formal mediation with Customer Care Team Manager and relevant staff member.

        Customer placed on probation.

        Dissatisfaction with decision to terminate internship. Request a review of decision.

        Review is considered by the relevant staff member.

        Notice of decision is made, in writing, within 15 working days

        Lodge an appeal against termination in writing.

        The appeal is considered by the Customer Care Team Manager, whose decision is final.

        Notice of final decision will be made in writing within 15 working days

      3. Where a Customer’s grievance or appeal includes allegations concerning the conduct or actions of a staff member, and the substance of those allegations is not minor in nature, the particular staff member will be immediately notified by the authority responsible for dealing with a formal grievance or appeal of the particulars of the grievance. The affected staff member must be given an adequate opportunity to respond to the relevant authority.
      4. The Customer acknowledges that the meeting and mediations held between both parties shall be recorded. This recording shall only be used in accordance with the relevant privacy laws.
    3. Dispute resolution
      1. No arbitration or court proceedings
        If a Dispute arises, a party must comply with this clause before starting arbitration or court proceedings (except proceedings for urgent interlocutory relief).
      2. Notification
        A party claiming a Dispute has arisen must give the other party notice setting out details of the Dispute.
      3. Representatives to resolve Dispute
        During the 10 Business Days after a notice is given under clause (or longer period if the parties agree in writing):

        1. each party must appoint a representative with appropriate seniority to attempt to resolve the Dispute; and
        2. those representatives must use their reasonable efforts to resolve the Dispute by negotiation.
        3. If the Representatives cannot resolve the Dispute within the period referred to in paragraph (10.3.3), they must refer the Dispute to mediation unless they agree in writing that mediation is not required.
  11. Indemnity

    1. The the customer/intern, partners, host companies indemnify and agree to keep indemnified AIPP company and its officers, employees and agents from and against any losses arising from:
      1. any claim arising as a direct or indirect result of any act or omission by the customer/intern or any of host company and partners’ personnel in breach of any warranty or obligation under this agreement; or
      2. any wilful misconduct or any negligent or unlawful act or omission of the customer/intern or any of host company and partners’ personnel
    2. The customer/intern or any of host company and partners’ personnel will not be liable under the indemnity in paragraph (11) to the extent that the liability has been caused by the acts or omissions of any of those indemnified persons.
  12. Special Acknowledgements

    1. The Customer acknowledges that:
      1. This contract will be considered “in effect” from the date AIPP receives the customer’s initial registration deposit
      2. Any amendments to enrolment preferences / specifications made by the Customer after submission are subject to approval by AIPP
      3. In all cases, although AIPP’s Host Company Partners may receive some benefit from receiving interns, AIPP’s primary objective in organising an internship placement for a customer Customer is done with the view for the Customer to be the primary benefiting party of the Placement, not AIPP’s Host Company partner.
      4. AIPP’s responsibility is recognised solely as being that of a training organisation, and introducer of Candidates to prospective Host Companies / individuals
      5. In the event of the Customer’s internship placement(s) being unsuccessful for any reason, AIPP reserves the right to provide the Customer AIPP’s ongoing support services as defined by section 5.3 of this agreement for a maximum of 5 placements before a refund will be applicable.
      6. Any activities that occur / do not occur between the Customer and the Host Company before, during, or after the Placement, are not the responsibility of AIPP or any of AIPP’s agents, including but not limited to activities that may take place at, on the way to, or from, the Host Company, or any transport and or accommodation AIPP may have assisted in the arrangement of
      7. Any injuries, breaches / infringements of the Fair Work Act 2009, etc., that may occur between the Customer and Host Company through this or any other Placement, are recognised as being outside of the scope of AIPP’s influence as the training organisation / introducer of Customers (prospective internship candidates) to Host Company Partners
      8. The closeness and suitability of the match formed between the Customers preferences as specified in the Customer’s Enrolment Form and the Host Company Partner / Internship Opportunity provided through this Program will be at the sole discretion of AIPP’s counsel and will be subject to factors such as:
        1. The Customer’s suitability for the specified preferred conditions, including but not limited to the Customer’s English proficiency level
      9. The Customer’s relationship with the Host Company is not one of employment
      10. The Program is not probationary employment nor unpaid trial work
      11. The Customer is not entitled to remuneration by either the Host Company nor AIPP through the internship placement(s) provided through this program unless
        1. Otherwise agreed in writing by AIPP prior to the Customer’s enrolment into the program
      12. Although offers of employment and visa sponsorship from Host Company partners may be frequent
        1. AIPP makes no guarantee of any employment opportunity to the Customer from any host company as an outcome of this Program
        2. The host company is not obligated to offer the Customer employment at any stage or after the program, and any employ or visa sponsorship outcome that may occur is recognised as being due but not limited to the Customer’s conduct and performance before, during, and after the internship placement provided through this program
        3. AIPP is not liable to find the Customer employment nor additional internships / internship placements upon the closure of this agreement
      13. In the event that AIPP contacts the Customer and the Customer does not respond, AIPP will cease contacting the Customer after 3 contact attempts with each attempt resulting in no response, and upon said occurrence AIPP will take no further action to provide the Customer any further service / contact until either AIPP receives contact / a response from the Customer, or this agreement expires (whichever is the earlier of the two).
      14. AIPP reserves the right to deliver any / all components / services of this agreement through the affiliation, support, and / or conjunction with any of AIPP’s industry partners, which if done so will be held in accordance with this agreement.
      15. AIPP reserves the right to vary these terms and conditions at any time.
      16. Any written or oral statements concerning results or goals that may be attained during the performance of Services and all surveys, forecasts, recommendations and opinions contained in any proposal, report, presentation, or Deliverable are made on the basis of then current information available to AIPP, including, but not limited to, information provided by Client and qualify as estimations. Under no circumstances shall any such statement be deemed or construed as a representation, undertaking or warranty, whether express or implied, of achievable results or goals.
      17. If a court of efficient jurisdiction considers any section or portion of a section in this Agreement to be invalid, unenforceable, or illegal, the equivalent will not have an impact on other terms or sections in the Agreement or the entire Agreement. However, if a term or section may be revised to the level required according to the view of the court to render the Agreement valid, and the privileges and responsibilities of the parties shall be interpreted and imposed accordingly, to preserve the agreement fully.