AIPP Trainer – Anjorin Isaac

He is Anjorin Isaac, Entrepreneur, PR & Advertising Practitioner and Career acceleration expert.

Over the years, he has realised that many employers want to see that you’ve gone through the self-discovery phase, and can be of use to them, be an Image worthy of their product or services, while contributing to the division of labour, coordinated through the internal economy of the Employer. They want someone they can manage effectively, someone efficient, someone who is proactive, vibrant and ready to break down the walls to realise objectives and set goals.

Sadly, many people have those tenets, they possess those skills, some are even better than already employed prospective colleagues, but are unable to portray and tune their resume/cv to the job in question. The truth is you have to be awesome, and by awesome he means able to read your interviewer (body language and facial expressions), your resume has to be detailed and short. No one wants to read a novel of a CV. List your best points and experience in a short precise manner. Confidence is key, if you have it, you can think faster, counter faster, focus and keep yourself well prepped up. If you don’t you must get it.

Have you ever asked yourself why some people you were better than got your job? If you were asked a question like “How many sea turtles are in the Ocean?” What would you say? Through experience, he has realised that you need to be ready for anything, and that is what he is here to help you prepare for.