An internship to employment journey – Anna, Accounting

Anna A., she’s an international Accounting student from Russia now based in Sydney. Like other young professionals who are trying to widen their skills horizon, getting work experience or internship came to her mind.
She reached out to us to gain a professional work experience to have a competitive advantage to enter the accounting industry. Before getting into the interview chairs and meeting up her prospect hosts. Anna went through some personal training to improve her communication skills and gain the confidence she needs in interviews.

After her first attempt, Anna has successfully secured an Australian internship spot at a taxation and accounting business advisory firm. Through the course of 3-months internship, she gained a ground-up experience in Accounting, some Administrative works and later on was exposed to Superannuation Fund auditing under an Accounting/Auditor professional. Apart from the learning experience in Accounting, she was able to get a better understanding of the processes and seeing the insight of the profession. We quoted her feedback on his host

“My boss is a very clever and experienced professional in the accounting industry and has been in the industry for 20 years. My colleagues are friendly and helpful. I have had No stress and no pressure.”

Anna satisfactorily completed her Australian internship and made a significant contribution using her self-acquired skills in the designing and publication of a substantial magazine for a forthcoming multicultural festival. The host company was impressed with her dedication and willingness to learn which resulted in receiving a paid work opportunity.

Here’s Anna’s feedback to AIPP

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