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We’re received a lot of great feedback from our students over the years and are putting together our own “Wall of Fame” below to share with the world the source of our inspiration – helping interns get past their obstacles and develop your employability skills to give you a real chance to succeed in getting the career of your dreams – and helping our host company partners find well matched interns!

Feedback about Australian Institute of Professional Pathways

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Lubica Zoricakova – KOI – AIPP are an effective Company!!

Before joining the program, I was about to finish my MA TESOL (Teaching English as a Second Language) studies at KOI, Sydney, Australia. The main reason I joined the program was to gain… Read More »Lubica Zoricakova – KOI – AIPP are an effective Company!!

AIPP Internship Testimonial from Chris Cheng, Chengdu University of Technology

AIPP Internship Testimonial from Chamara Hewawasam, University of Maratuwa

Fumiko Suzuki – KOI – This could be a good start!!

I am studying accounting and working for Accounts Receivables and Payables. I was inspired to join AIPP through my scholarship opportunity from KOI because I am looking for an opportunity to enter… Read More »Fumiko Suzuki – KOI – This could be a good start!!

Permeshwar Parkash – AIPP – New beginnings!!!

I am a Business graduate from Pakistan and enrolled in my final semester at Macquarie Univeristy. A tough job market and competition inspired me to be ready to get job as soon… Read More »Permeshwar Parkash – AIPP – New beginnings!!!

Johanes Tanja – KOI – AIPP helped me to achieve my goal!!

, Johanes Tanja, Industry: Accounting

AIPP Internship Testimonial from Sharon Chen, Australian National University

Anhelina Novik – KOI – Enjoying AIPP Training and Interviews!!

I am doing a Bachelor of Business (Accounting). An Internship gives me an opportunity to find a job in Accounting. I received a scholarship from my Institute for the Internship and although I have not… Read More »Anhelina Novik – KOI – Enjoying AIPP Training and Interviews!!

CEO/ Co-Founder, Computer Software/Technology Firm

This is the second time in the program now. The first time we took in a book-keeper and ended up hiring her afterwards. Absolutely love the program because it is free talent,… Read More »CEO/ Co-Founder, Computer Software/Technology Firm

Mariam Mohammed-usman – KOI – AIPP aids in providing pathways to career development!!

, Mariam Mohammed-usman, Industry: Finance