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About Us

AIPP is a team of uniquely trained HR and business professionals put together since 2007 to help Australian host companies as well as local & international graduates to meet the intern staffing needs and work experience requirements of Australian in such a way that increases staff productivity in a targeted, cost-efficient and effective manner.

Similarly, we have been helping hundreds of students and graduates secure career outcomes that were previously unattainable through their own efforts. Our internship programs offer aspiring graduates a rare opportunity to facilitate their transition from study to successful career job.

We have developed Professional Internship Programs to assist students and graduates achieve their personal and professional growth for better career prospects in Australia by combining on-the-job training and real world work experience. Our internship program completes the missing link called ‘Australian work experience’ which is crucial for successful entry into the Australian workforce. It provides them with a precious opportunity to practise some aspects of what they learned at a university.

Based on the feedback we receive from our students and partners, we believe that we provide the best professional internship program in the market because we make sure that our interns always get the best out of internship opportunity and we have countless of success stories and positive testimonials to prove our claim from both host companies, and our students.

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Our Sponsorship Capabilities

Our Vision

As per our approval letter from the Australian Government Department of Homeland Affairs, the AIPP holds an active registration to provide sponsorship under the following visa classes:

  • Temporary Work visa (403)
  • Training visa (407)
  • Temporary Activity visa (408)
Internship in Australia

To be the bridge between host companies and students as Australia’s provider of choice for interns, and booster of student employability.

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Our Management Team

Our Mission

Our management team at AIPP are highly experienced professionals with expertise across a broad range of disciplines including Accounting, IT, Marketing, Management, HR, Social Media, Sustainability, and much much more, we are able to quickly and effectively add value to your venture.

AIPP is a work integrated learning placement company
  • Improving our understanding of and exceeding all our clients’ needs
  • Genuinely make a meaningful and professionally well-guided impact on the career direction and success of our students
  • Pair well matched, value-adding interns to host companies that help the host companies grow, and develop the interns’ professional skills
  • Energetically challenge and surpass the status quo
  • Consult with each of our clients as individuals and ensure they feel personally cared for
  • Deliver premium quality service that earns our customers’ trust, smile, and appreciation
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