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Does This Sound Familiar To You?

aipp professional resume polishingSo you feel that you fit most of the profile in the advertised. You checked your resume 3 times before submitting it. You even showed it to some of your friends and asked if they think it looks good. You spent a good amount of time filling in all the forms and questions the company asked. And you uploaded a cover letter. Then you waited, one week, two weeks, three… Then finally, just when you had almost given up hope about your application, you got a new email..! You opened it frantically – only to find that same, dreaded reply “Unfortunately, we regret you were not selected…. we will keep your contact details on file should a suitable position come up…” …but you never actually hear from them again?

The Employment Market Conditions
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Frankly speaking, if you have professional qualifications, and you’re sending out your resume to potential employers, but you’re not getting invitations to interviews, in 99% of cases the issue is usually because your resume is simply not professional enough or tailored to the local market conditions, resulting in employers believing that you are not suited to the types of professional roles you are applying for.

What You Need

The issue behind failed job applications is simple: To succeed in getting a professional role, you need a professional application. If you want to get a job, you need to get to the interview. If you want to get to the interview, your need an amazing looking resume that has been professionally tailored to the current local market conditions based on what has worked for our recent customers!

Our professional team of staff are experts at helping local and international students polish their resume in a way that stands out and lands interviews through our AIPP Professional Resume & Cover Letter Polishing Service, giving you a chance to succeed!

What happens when you join our program

Step 1: You submit your CV to us
Step 2: We will then assign you a case manager from our team who is professionally experienced in your field
Step 3: You will them be consulted with to assess what your goals are so we can personalise our service to you
Step 4: Your case manager will then work with you to draw out POWERFUL developments, showcasing to potential employers why you are the best person for the job!
Step 5: We then return to you your new, professionally polished resume for you to take advantage of!

Remember, the difference between whether you get invited to an interview or not is 100% dependent on your resume. Therefore doesn’t it make sense to have it done professionally? Of course it does! Join our service and we will share with you and leverage all our past success experiences on how we can make your resume reach your goals successfully!

Our Guarantee
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This services comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee tailored to your personal ambitions and job application aspirations to help improve the professionalism of your resume and cover letter applications, to make a significant impact on your ability to appear professional, get positive responses to your applications, and land your first job successfully!

Customer Feedback

As per all the positive feedback and success stories from our past customers, our service really makes a difference in helping to land your first job – guaranteed!

Your Investment

Until recently we were charging $400 for this service, however we have noticed that there is a real and strong need for all students to use our professional resume polishing service, so to make it more affordable to all students from different backgrounds, we are temporarily running this service now for just a $275 investment with a money back guarantee!


Students who join this programme now will receive AIPP’s industry-best, Interview Training Guides proven to boost the interview results for candidates worth $199 yours now FREE after you join our Professional Student Resume & Cover Letter Polishing Service!

Thats $348 worth of value yours for just $275! (Save $76!)

Don’t delay your professional career success any longer!
Act now before it is too late!

Application Process

Step 1: Complete your application payment
Step 2: Send us your current resume / cover letter here
Step 3: We will then contact you and work with you to polish your resume, cover letter, and interview skills!

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